About Us

Many visionaries with a singular focus


Classtrix is built for helping education businesses grow in the digital age. We function as a digital partner to our clients, helping them get ahead and stay there. We solve problems, make brilliant digital products, and improve effectiveness on platforms.

We live at the cutting edge of multi-channel digital era. We are relentlessly focused on the latest innovations in technology, strategy and content. Our company culture is powered by a commitment to exploration and excellence and a shared goal to drive ever better performance for our customers. Like our solutions, we grow smarter, more agile, and more multi-faceted by the moment.


Our years of experience have taught us to expect the unexpected. To embrace the possibility of what tomorrow holds. To always remain curious. And to never compromise on the quality of our people. Why? Because we exist to empower our customers to succeed in an area where change is the only constant.

As a trusted partner we guide organizations as they seek to redefine and reinvent themselves through digital transformation.

We are dedicated to transform the future of business