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Lead Management

Move leads further along the student journey by enabling them to make a first payment and book straight into a class in one quick visit.

Integrated Billing

Get paid on time without the administrative stress with Classtrix's automated payment processing

Automation & Marketing

Automate everyday communication tasks for members to increase engagement and retention rates.

Online Signup

Automate your signup process and increase your membership numbers with seamless website integration. You'll love the live-updating timetable, too.

Student Portal

Give students full control of their academics. Provide a Student Portal responsive on any device for class, facility, personal learning, registration, and payments on the go.

Reports in depth

Classtrix offers a flexible and easy to use reporting tools. It allows to generate flexible reports that helps the Institutes to take timely decisions on various aspects of the business.

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Why Pick Classtrix Management Software?

Classtrix management and administrative software will help you to systemize the functioning of your institute and in turn increase efficiency. We have developed this cloud-based application after conducting in-depth research about the various systems adopted by various institutes and with a purpose to ease the stress behind their working. Read more about our Coaching class management software.


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Coaching Class Management Software

Classtrix is a coaching class management software provider that is specially designed for the management of the coaching institute’s database. Classtrix helps education-based businesses in their growth. They work as a digital partner for various coaching classes by helping them and contribute to the institute’s growth. They are experts in making digital products for improving the effectiveness of your business.

Every coaching class should opt for coaching institute management software for proper and effective management of the data. This institute management software helps your business in keeping accuracy in data without any kind of false inputs.

How will the software help your business?

If you’re thinking that how this coaching class management software to act as a helping hand for your business, then here are a few features of this software. Have a look.

Automated Reminders

This coaching management software sends 1000+ automated messages and reminders to all the students at a single click. It also sends a bulk reminder to all students of the batch about their fees, lectures, tests, etc. You get alerts for your payments within a fraction of second. Apart from that, the students even get your performance reports via these messages.

A Student Portal

The institute management software also provides a portal for the students. This portal gives the students full control of their academic growth. They can access it on any device and experience personal learning, do the registrations, payments, etc.

Easy Fees Collection

You can get rid of the old traditional method of maintaining your expenses and other financial transactions with the help of this coaching class management software. You can forget about all the worries related to fees collection as the system automatically sends a reminder to students and parents regarding their pending fees. And the fees can be paid online too.

Managed of Coaching Class Database

This is one of the best coaching class management software that can be used by coaching institutes as it also works as coaching management system software for proper management of data in classes.

Top 3 benefits of coaching institute management software

Every coaching institution needs to manage its resources and database efficiently. Besides the financial and administrative aspects, the coaching management software has to ensure that there is proper communication between the students, faculties, and parents. Thus, coaching class management software provides a solution to make your business a hassle-free one.

Below are the various benefits of coaching institute management software that you should know.

1. Effective communication between parents and faculties

Be it a training academy or a coaching institute, parent-teacher communication is a must as this is very crucial for proper updates of the student about his/her academic growth. So, every coaching institutes should opt for coaching management system software for proper management of the database. The same goes for training academies too.

2. Easy management of financial aspects

The management of financial data becomes easier as this coaching institute management software provides a solution to each and every issue of database management. The software sends fee reminders as well as fee receipts with just a click.

3. Helps in avoiding unnecessary paperwork

Classtrix provides you with the best coaching class management software as it not only saves your time but it also saves a lot of paperwork which isn’t necessary. The attendance, study materials can be directly sent via mail rather than wasting paper on it.

Therefore, if you wish to improve your institute’s operational efficiency, you should definitely consider opting for the best coaching class management software - Classtrix. The software by Classtrix would never let you do any work which is full of a hassle; rather the software will do it for you. So, think about your institute’s efficiency and get your management software to the earliest.